Monday, October 3, 2011

Google's new Reverse Image Search could help prevent image theft

Thanks to Cedric Hohnstadt for posting about the new Search By Image service of Google's: "simply drag an image into the search box and it will find everywhere on the web that your image appears."

I haven't had a chance to try the service yet, but it sounds like a handy way to check for unauthorized use of any of your images.

- Debbie


  1. So, I tried this with one of my images...and found it being used many, MANY times on other people's blogs and websites. I stopped counting at 25...

  2. Hi, This tip is invaluable!! My father and brothers are photographers, my Dad having been in the business (both press and freelance photography) for over 55 years and so this tip has identified images of his that are being used without his authorisation and without his name being noted. Lots of pics. Now we can trace the source and hopefully rectify the situation, or at the very least get his name on them! Thanks ever so much!

  3. This is a great post. Hope to use it.