Kidlit Artists is the home to recipients of SCBWI's LA summer conference Illustration Mentorship Program.

About the SCBWI Illustration Portfolio Mentorship Program:

The Mentorship Award is presented to 5-6 illustrators participating in the annual SCBWI Portfolio Showcase, "whose publishable work shows great promise and potential." The purpose goes beyond just the selection, in that the Mentorship Program is an intense advance-level portfolio critique that includes both individual reviews with each Mentor, and a culminating critique peer meeting with all Mentors and Mentees.

This site was founded by the 2010 Mentees (John Deininger, Kimberly Gee, Ashley Mims, Andrea Offermann, Debbie Ridpath Ohi and Eliza Wheeler), and has grown to include each year's new Mentorship group. We hope to provide helpful info and news for children's illustrators as well as updates about past and present Mentees.

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