Linda Dorn
When Linda was much smaller, she always had a picture book tucked tightly under her arm.  Her big sister teased her it will be stuck there forever.  Currently she teaches life drawing at Calarts.  She has worked in Visual Development for animated features, including Disney Feature.  She still has a picture book under her arm.
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Brooke Boynton Hughes
Brooke Boynton Hughes has a BFA in printmaking from Colorado State University and an MFA in figurative art from the New York Academy of Art.  She currently lives in Fort Collins, CO where she illustrates children's books, goes hiking with her husband, wrangles two bouncy dogs and a chatty grey kitty, and watches lots of movies.
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Corinna Luyken
Corinna Luyken lives and makes art on the WA coast where she is inspired by the ocean, the endless pattern-ing of nature, and the grace and beauty of the human form.

Rodolfo Montalvo
Rodolfo Montalvo has a BFA in illustration from CSUF and lives in southern California.  Growing up he spent much of his time drawing all his favorite animation and comic book characters.  Today, he is very happy to have found his way towards becoming a children's book illustrator.

Andy Musser
Andy Musser is an illustrator/animator who loves to write and illustrate stories.  He lives near Seattle where he works with a variety of companies as a freelancer.  When not making art, Andy enjoys ukuleles, coffee shops, Cosby sweaters, and visiting the beach.


  1. Thank you for introducing the Mentees! Each has such a beautiful, interesting and unique style.

  2. Such an array of talent. I have enjoyed discovering this blog and will be thoroughly haunting you all in future. Not in a creepy way though :-)