Anne Berry
Born and based out of Huntington Beach, California, Anne Berry has been doodling ever since she found paper and pencil, and could get her cats to sit long enough for a portrait. Since then she has studied Design at Orange Coast College, then divided her time between working as a freelance illustrator and at a greeting card company called Bjorkman Bros. There she met illustrator, Steve Bjorkman, who introduced her to SCBWI and the wider world of children’s book illustration. Her dream is to have a chance to illustrate the stories that once and still do inspire her. Any tale that is fantastical, whimsical, historical and maybe a little bit scary - and perhaps involves mermaids, if possible.
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Kisoo Chai
Born and raised in a beautiful port city with a train station, South Korea. When he was young, he drew and painted, and the “canvases” were full of animals, people, ships and trains on the walls of every house in the whole town. Of course the “canvas” owners didn’t appreciate his artwork at that time and made him clean up the walls the following day. (This special childhood memory is what keeps Kisoo inspired and drawing for children, now on real canvases instead.) He is living in California and graduated from Hong-Ik university, Fine Arts, in Korea.
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Meridth McKean Gimbel
As a grub, Meridth could be found reading books during Math class, writing stories during lunchtime, and drawing pictures all over her arms and legs (if she ran out of paper). She was pretty delighted when she found out you could do that sort of thing for a living, so she decided to get a BFA in Illustration. While at college, she had the good fortune of interning with Brad Holland and Brett Helquist. Meridth lives in Southern California with her husband, kids, and a paper eating corgi.
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Nicholas Hong
Born in South Korea, immigrated to Toronto Canada when he was 13. He graduated from Sheridan Institute for 2D Animation and he has been working as designer to make cartoon TV shows for Nickelodeon and Dreamworks. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing and painting silly characters, cute and warm illustrations. He is currently living in Vancouver Canada where he fell in love with nature, beautiful scenery, and lifestyle.
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Molly Ruttan
Molly spent her childhood drawing and creating an imaginary world with her twin sister, making everything from her own stuffed animals, (complete with their soap operas, clothes and environments), to board games and of course, books! After receiving a BFA from Cooper Union School of Art in New York, Molly has continued on as a working artist, a musician and a mother to three magical daughters. Her drawings and stories are inspired by her love of life and all it's mysterious & wonderful potential.
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K-Fai Steele
Hailing from San Francisco via Philadelphia, K-Fai Steele makes gestural, humor-driven drawings using watercolor and ink. She writes and likes stories about characters that find themselves in challenging situations.
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