Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Story of a Book- Virtual Event

by Dorothia Rohner

Every picture book has a unique story of how it was created. 

Whenever a new book is released, are you curious?

Do you wonder . . .

Where did the idea come from? 

Why did it appeal to an agent and editor?

What was the editing process?

How did the choice for the final art technique get determined?


How was the art created?

How did the agent, author-illustrator, art director and editor collaborate?

If so . . . join editor-in-chief, Frances Gilbert - Doubledayagent Allison Remcheck Stimola Literary Studio, and me to discuss the making of my new book:

A Wish For Twins, The Tale of Our Two Miracles - Doubleday 2022 

This virtual event will include a slideshow presentation that highlights

the process–from inspiration, sketches, drafts, final art and manuscript. 

Short process videos using Procreate will also be shown. 

Erica Rand Silverman from Stimola Live will host the conversation:

June 22, 2022


Register in advance to save your spot! 

We’re looking forward to sharing insight into how this book was born.

Stimola Live

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A view from my new studio!
Happy Spring!

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