Monday, December 7, 2020

Things that are keeping me sane during the pandemic (aka cute and useful things from Susie Ghahremani)

I wanted to do a quick post to highlight a few things made by our very own Susie Ghahremani (available from her shop, that have been really helpful during the past 8 months.

Growth: A Journal to Welcome Personal Change

I know that during the past 8 months, I've developed a lot of bad habits. This journal is full of prompts to spur your change, allow you to reflect, and celebrate your progress. Perfect for starting a new year and keeping you motivated while making improvements in your life!

If you want to see more images of some of the interior pages, check it out here.

Send Some Mail!

I was looking around for some cute cards and wanted to support an independent artist, when I remembered Susie's shop. I've sent more snail mail this year than I've probably sent in the past 10 years. Now that my son and I can't see his grandparents in person, we have been writing them cards to keep in touch. Plus, it's always fun to get mail! 

Susie has a variety of cards available here:

Get Organized!

And finally, this weekly organizer is helping me keep my life and my kid's homework assignments organized. Not only has the passage of time seemed very confusing lately, keeping on top of online school assignments has been a huge challenge. Using this organizer has been massively helpful to see everything that is due at a glance. 

Susie also has a variety of to-do lists and some other organizer designs to keep everyone on track, available here:

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