Monday, July 1, 2019

Quick Study Warm-up Exercise

Learning to see how other artists draw is a favorite past-time for me. As I look and discover the way a line is drawn or shaded, it always inspires me to pick up a pen and try to mimic the manner that it was created. For these studies, I used a Zebra ball point pen. 

Usually, I grab my closest sketchbook, a napkin or a random piece of paper and draw. But, I’m trying to become more deliberate by putting them into one folder. This way I can look back and see which artists I admire and the studies I created.  

By studying the way that other artists work, it helps to understand why they made the choices that they did. And it opens up the creative flow for an enjoyable warm-up. 

If you sketch from another artists work--

➽➽ALWAYS give credit to the artist.

Since it is a warm-up session, I’m not concerned with completing an entire illustration. My focus is on small details, shading, line variance, expression, etc. 

Maurice Sendak is one of my favorite illustrators to study. His line work is masterful.  When I was redrawing the coat of the old man,  I realized that the pattern goes through the whole coat. He didn’t change the direction of the lines where the arm is. AH-HA moment! Discoveries like this help me to simplify my own work so I don’t get fussy about making sure the fabric wraps.

(The Big Green Book- Robert Graves- Illustrations-Maurice Sendak & Little Bear’s Friend- Else Holmelund Minarik-Illustrations Maurice Sendak)

The next studies from are from:

Sophie Blackall- I love the expressions of her children. (Sinister Goose by Lisa Wheeler)

Robert Lawson- The line work is expertly bold yet tender and precise. (The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf)

Irene Haas - The playful lines  are minimal on the faces, but show such wonderful expression. (♫A Cat Came Fiddling adapted and made into songs by Paul Kapp)

I hope this was helpful and that you try a warm-up study for yourself.

If you do: take a snap and post it. 
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I’d love to see what artists you admire and the studies you create.
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