Monday, February 8, 2016

Creative, Playful, Diversions - Just for Fun!

Creative: (kree-ey-tiv)          
                        2. resulting from original thought, expression, etc: imaginative
Playful: (pley-fuh-l)
                        1. full of play or fun; sportive, frolicsome

Diversion: (dih-vur-zhuh-n)
                        4- distraction from business, care; etc; recreation; amusement, a pastime

Creative, Playful, Diversion = Imaginative, Frolicsome, Amusement

Created for Joretta
Setting time aside for imaginative, frolicsome, amusement, makes me a happier artist and a more balanced human.

Each week, depending on deadlines, I set aside the projects, silence the inner critic and simply create with joyful expression.

Created for Anne

As illustrators, we work diligently to perfect our technique, update our portfolios, work and rework dummy books, send out promotional materials and strive to meet tight deadlines. With all this to do, it's difficult  put down the pencil or stylus, walk away from the drawing board or monitor and find time to create . . . just for fun.

But making time for creative play is essential.

 When I begin a new playful, creative diversion, I ask myself these questions.

1.          Is this process joyful?
2.          Do I feel that my creative juices are being replenished or drained?
3.          Do I feel more balanced?

If the answer is no and I am feeling drained, I stop and look for something new. I pay attention to how I feel when I am working to ensure that the process is cultivating enjoyment and not stress. It's a slippery slope, particularly when the critic shows up uninvited.

Created for Austin
My most recent, playful diversion is needle-felting. For whatever reason, I just couldn't wait to try it. This process is like sculpting with air and fluff. It is a meditative way of creating.
I've included a few photos of some of my needle-felted creatures. Once I am done with them, I give them away to friends.
Chickadee: Created for Elaine
Over the years, I've found that creating for fun helps keep me centered and opens up new pathways of creativity.

Black Lab-Zoe: Created for
Winston and Emily

When was the last time you created something just for the fun of it?

If  it's been awhile since you've created for your own amusement, give it a try again. Just for the fun of it!

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