Monday, January 19, 2015

Inspiration: Simon Varela

Lately, I've been inspired by concept artist Simon Varela, who has worked on a number of films including Finding Nemo and The Croods. He does gorgeous, epic charcoal environments. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a lot of his work online, but his work is prominently featured in The Art of Finding Nemo, which is my favorite concept art book. 
I just love the depth of his images, his lost edges and how he's not afraid to use absolute black values in his designs. If you're looking for some art books to get lost in, I really love many of the "Art of" Pixar books. There is a lot of beautiful work by very talented artists in them.
Jen Betton writes and illustrates for children. You can find her work at
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  1. This work is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Jen :)