Monday, October 28, 2013

Measuring Your Goals - by Maple Lam

Goal: Be very prepared for #LA14SCBWI

Goal established.  But what defines "very prepared"?  I deduce this to five categories.

Read.  Draw.  Write.  Promote.  Connect.

That's a lot of goals to hit!  The good news: Time is on our side.

Goal = (Baby Steps + Perseverance) / Time

To hit the baby steps milestones, here's a measurable plan.


• Study stories, characters, pace, layouts.  Think about why each book works.
• Goal: 2 picture books a week.  In 9 months, that's 72 picture books.

Tips: Classic Picture Books, from GoodReads:
Tips: Modern Picture Books, from GoodReads:


• Sketch daily.  Think about the element of storytelling.
• Goal: 2 portfolio pieces per month.  In 9 months, that's 18 pieces.  Select 10 to 12 for portfolio.


• Get a cheap spiral notebook and write.  Jot down ideas.
• Goal: Write at least 20 minutes per day.

Tips: PiBoldMo is now open! Quick!  Challenge yourself:


• Goal: Send postcard to publishers every 3 months.
• Use proud illustration created on Goal #2 (DRAW).


• Follow industry news via Twitter.  Meet new friends via virtual and actual reality.

Tips: Fellow mentee Debbie Ridpath Ohi has a great Twitter List:

Write this down on a calendar.  Track these baby steps and stick with the plan.

And may the KidLit Force be with you.


  1. Maple..thanks for this super helpful and encouraging!!! you rock!

  2. I love this little elephant so much. And your action plan is great! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Maple, I bookmarked this page a year ago, revisited and finding it soooo helpful. THANK YOU for posting it!!