Friday, April 19, 2013

Just a Thought...

You know how sometimes a thought you hear or read causes you to rethink ideas and lessons, and gives you the possibility to look at things from other angles and to understand more of the whole? Those are the moments when I believe I take a big step forward.

At the last lost weekend one of my fellow mentees said that when listening to an advice for a change – e.g. in your work or portfolio - , one should identify the problem behind the suggestion, and figure out one’s own solution, that fits for yourself and your work, instead of just following the solution that was suggested.

a discussion at lost weekend

Following lost weekend I tried to apply this thought to my decision making process. The advice I would get on my portfolio, on art work etc I would analyze and try to understand the problem behind it, then try to figure out my own solution for it. Of course that doesn’t mean that I always find the right solution, but I feel that the process of getting there has gotten much more focused and well-rounded, and much more my own voice reacting.

Thank you, whoever said that.

Happy weekend!

Andrea Offermann is an illustrator living and working in Hamburg, Germany. You can see her work at


  1. I think I learned that principle at the Illustration Academy - where we had several teachers at one time. They would all offer different suggestions to fix something in my painting, but they all identified the SAME problem. So while I didn't have to follow the suggestions, I did need to fix the problem in my own way :)

  2. Jen, that thought came from you, now I remember! Thank you so much for sharing it, it has helped me so much!

  3. Excellent reminder, Andrea. And I totally agree -- thanks so much for this post. And thanks to Jen, too. :-)