Wednesday, February 6, 2013

News! Andrea Offermann wins SCBWI Portfolio Showcase!

I am very excited to report that Andrea Offermann won the SCBWI New York conference Portfolio Showcase Grand Prize! She will be flown back to NYC to meet with art directors sometime later this year. This year's showcase had over 300 portfolios - more than ever before! Congratulations Andrea!! You can see Andrea's wonderful work here

Andrea receiving her award
Andrea Offermann
Andrea Offermann
Andrea Offermann
Go KidLit Artists!! This makes 6 of us now that have won a portfolio showcase award, most after being in the Mentorship program for a year or two: Andrea Offerman (Grand Prize, SCBWI NY 2013), Juana Martinez-Neal (Grand Prize, SCBWI LA 2012), Eliza Wheeler (Grand Prize, SCBWI LA 2011), Juliana Brion (Honor Award, SCBWI LA 2011), John Deininger (Honor Award, SCBWI LA 2011), and Debbie Ohi (Honor Award, SCBWI LA 2010). 

Portfolio Showcase - photo by Debbie Ohi
P.S. For anyone wondering, the mentors are not judges for the portfolio showcase awards.