Thursday, June 14, 2012

On Inspiration and Gardens

It's week two of our new series of theme posts here at KidLitArtists and it is my turn to talk about what is currently inspiring us. 

A quiet, open place is a great place to grasp inspiration for me. A quiet, open place like a garden. 

Each morning, I have a routine. I wake up, go to my studio and get started with work. Each morning while I'm working, I check on the skylights every now and then. I'm patiently waiting for the first rays of the sun. As soon as the sun starts to come out, I open my glass doors. Completely. As far as they can go. There is a gentle breeze blowing, the smell of wet leaves, my dog walking in and out, my cat attempting the always-unsuccessful big escape, dozens of birds eating from the bird houses. And there is the singing, lots of bird singing. All that five-sense activity inspires me. It never gets old. I always get to enjoy it and I only have to open my doors.

My daily inspiration couldn't be more fitting this Spring while I was working on book number 2 for Nestlét El Mejor Nido. The series is about a little preschool bird, Poppy, and her milestones. Below is one of the images from book number 1: "Poppy's Best Day Ever". 

There is also one garden worth of endless inspiration: Monet's Garden in Giverny, France. Just last month, my husband, the boys and I got a chance to visit it. It was our first trip to France. Visiting his home and gardens was the highlight of the trip! Being there was surreal. You feel like you are walking in one of his paintings. Here is one of the many, many pictures we took over there. Look closely and you will see the water lilies floating on the pond. A fantastic garden worth the week of jet lag! 

I hope you found some garden inspiration here. I'll see you again the week of August 20th. Until then, come back to see us each week and hear what inspires the rest of the KidLitArtists. I'm curious to know, too! See you soon!

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