Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up with Kimberly Gee

For those new to our blog, Kimberly Gee is one of our contributors and was a recipient of the SCBWI Mentorship award at the 2010 Summer Conference. We’d like to catch up with Kimberly and ask her a few questions about the mentorship experience and about what she is up to these days.

Kidlit Artists: Did the feedback you receive during the mentorship critiques either change or confirm the direction of your illustration?
Kimberly: Both. The mentors commented on my unique look/style which helped me stand out. They like my humor and color sense and ability to relate to children. Some critiques were discussions on technique ... how to translate the looseness of my sketches to my final drawings, without losing the style that makes me... me.

Kidlit Artists: Getting such specific and direct feedback on your work, did you find the experience enlightening? Affirming? Confusing? Conflicting? _______ (fill in the blank)? Why?
Kimberly: Again, it was both. Of course, to be chosen was affirming (I was totally unprepared for that). But it was difficult to sort out "how to improve" from a "need to change". I think I have it though. I'm just working the way I always have but with their comments in mind, and I have seen a difference for the better in my work.

Kidlit Artists: What kinds of projects are you working on now?
Kimberly: I've recently submitted my new dummy book, Mad, Mad Bear to Diane Muldrow at Golden Books. While I'm waiting to hear from her, I'm working on polishing up my portfolio, and inviting new ideas into my brain.

Kidlit Artists: Is there anything, looking ahead, that you’re excited to be working on?
Kimberly: Last year, I was inspired by David Small's demonstration at the summer conference (SCBWI Summmer Conference, Illustrators Intensive) and took a life drawing class at Art Center. I LOVED IT! It reminded me of how much I love to draw. I'm looking forward to a plein-air watercolor class in the future. I don't know how all this will translate to my digital work, but I know I'm a better person for it. I come at my work refreshed, excited.

Kidlit Artists:  Please tell us where we can find you online. 

 I'm at
Thanks Kimberly!

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  1. Love this post, Kimberly. Fingers crossed for Mad, Mad Bear! Thanks so much for sharing.