Friday, July 15, 2011

Google+ Hangout with Eliza Wheeler & John Deininger (plus Google+ Kidlit Directories)

Google Hangout w/ Eliza Wheeler & John Deininger
Above: Chatting about the upcoming SCBWI Summer Convention with my fellow SCBWI Mentees Eliza Wheeler & John Deininger on Google+.
Eliza, John, Kimberly and I are looking forward to the conference! We'll be missing Ashley & Andrea this year.
If you're a children's illustrator on Google+, don't forget to add yourself:
Google+ Directory Of Children's Book Illustrators
and follow us on Twitter at @KidLitArtists
and on Facebook: SCBWI Illustration Mentees
If you're attending the conference:
Google+ Directory Of SCBWI Summer Conference Attendees
For my other G+ directories (including kidlit/YA, librarians, etc.), see my About Profile on Google+.

-- Debbie

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