Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Illustration Podcast - by Eliza Wheeler

I am admittedly a radio and podcast junkie, and find that at certain stages of my drawing process I like to have something playing in the studio while I work. It makes the time go faster, so I find I’m able to work longer hours. While I listen to all sorts of programs, there is one particular podcast that I really look forward to, and think it could be fun for any illustrators who may not have checked it out yet.
The shows are primarily interviews with illustrators, art directors and reps. The host, Thomas James, does an excellent job of asking great questions and engaging the interviewee in interesting conversations by being genuinely interested in what they do.
Escape from Illustration Island is not restricted to just illustration for children’s books, so it’s fun to hear what’s going on elsewhere in the illustration community and gives a good peek into other professional possibilities. That said, here’s a fairly recent interview you might enjoy with children’s book illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba
If you have any favorite audio programs, please do share in the comment section!
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