Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picture Book Dummy Challenge at #kidlitart - by Eliza Wheeler

I was recently introduced to #kidlitart on Twitter, thanks to Debbie's recent interview on the blog here (how cool is that? Learning about awesome new stuff on our own blog!). I'm pretty new to Twitter, and have found it to be a bit awkward, not knowing quite what to use it for, how to get involved, what to say . . .the usual newbie shyness. But after reading Debbie's interview with Bonnie Adamson, founder of the group #kidlitart, I decided to join in on one of their Thursday night live chat sessions. Each Thursday night at 9pm est, illustrators across the country join in and have a chat, via Twitter, about various topics related to writing and illustrating children's books. After following for a bit and jumping in here or there, it was actually fun! Being able to connect with illustrators from all over was so invigorating - it got me really excited to be on Twitter.

I also learned of the new activity going on at #kidlitart, the Picture Book Dummy Challenge - going on right now. They are in their second week of the challenge, but it's not too late to jump in! If you have a picture book story you've been meaning to get to the dummy stage, it may motivate you to have other illustrators to discuss with and encourage, going through the same thing at the same time.
To get caught up, start reading about the challenge here:
Can't wait to get to some dummying with you all!

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