Monday, January 17, 2011

A Peek at my Set Up - by Kimberly Gee

by Kimberly Gee
I was reading John's last post about his writing area setup, and I found myself staring at his work space photo for way too long. I love looking at work spaces! So, here's mine, if you care to take a peek:
I'm working on a dummy book, too. I start sketching the ol' fashioned way, at my drawing table, with a brush pen on roll trace paper. At this point, I have the text paged out (diagram at the top of my desk) and am messing around, seeing what sticks. Today was not a good day at the desk. A lot of the work was from Friday. I got distracted and started making notes about about a blog post I'm going to do (paper to the right of my sketches).
Just to the right of my drawing desk is my computer, and to the right of the right of that is my scanner and printer. When things are cooking, I'm sketching, scanning them into the computer and filing them for formatting. II write on the computer but I usually have made notes on a scrap or sketchbook.
I love the sketching phase, and l love coming up with ideas. I'm struggling with keeping looseness in my FINAL art. Sometimes I glance at my kids' corner of the studio (just to the left of the drawing table), where they joyfully crank out art. It helps to remind me to have some fun!

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